20 Years Of Live Music: Top xx Lists

Article, Top xx List June 8th, 2017

Some more lists for the TL:DR people reading this, or those who simply haven’t had enough yet.


10 Bands Seen The Most Times

  1. System:FX – 21
  2. Die Kur – 20
  3. Greenhaus – 16
  4. VNV Nation – 15 (+1 “only saw half”)
  5. Diary Of Dreams – 14
  6. MaxDmyz – 13 (+2 curtailed sets)
  7. Deviant UK – 13
  8. Mechanical Cabaret – 13
  9. RBN – 13 (later renamed Stok:Holm, but I never saw them under this title)
  10. Killing Miranda – 12 (and there’s a bit of ‘previous’ putting these two back-to-back…)

Bubbling under….Inertia and Deathboy on 11, AlterRed on 10. I reckon Global Citizen, Machine Rox and Black Light Ascension will all hit double figures soon.

Either Diary of Dreams or VNV count as highest scoring ‘overseas’ band, depending on what nationality you count VNV as, but the three bands above have all had members from overseas too, be it in the live band or as their primary creative force.

Killing Miranda win the prize for the “band seen the most times with exactly the same line upon each occasion”. Unless you count Chewbacca on keyboards one time. Die Kur will probably pass System:FX for first place before 2017 is out. Only about half of these projects are still gigging frequently.


20 Bands I Want To See But Haven’t Yet

Oddly, I need only attend Rock Werchter 2017 to bag the top 2, but with barely anything else on the line-up I want to see and the fact that I’ve ‘checked out’ of attending outdoor festivals, we’ll have to wait for a big arena show somewhere.

  1. Radiohead
  2. System Of A Down
  3. Armageddon Dildos
  4. The Cure
  5. Die Form
  6. Aphex Twin
  7. Siouxsie Sioux (under any name)
  8. Mentallo & The Fixer
  9. Moby
  10. Synapscape
  11. Metallica
  12. Machine Head
  13. Rob Zombie
  14. New Order
  15. Spray
  16. X Marks The Pedwalk
  17. Acumen Nation
  18. Staubkind
  19. Garbage
  20. Fortification 55


20 Best Performances, Ever

Keeping this to one-per-band, and barring the first few, the order is pretty arbitrary. If you want the story of each gig, go back a few pages

  1. Rammstein at Brixton – December 2001
  2. In Extremo at M’era Luna – August 2004
  3. NIN at The Astoria – March 2005
  4. Fear Factory at The Astoria – December 1998
  5. Front 242 at WGT – May 2007
  6. The Beauty Of Gemina at WGT – May 2015
  7. Rotersand at Elektrowerkz – November 2006
  8. ELR at The Water Rats – February 2004
  9. Leæther Strip at WGT – May 2013
  10. Deine Lakaien at WGT – June 2006
  11. Diary Of Dreams at Gotham – May 2000 (but could have been one of many here)
  12. CHANT. at Infest – August 2015
  13. VNV Nation at The Scala – December 2012
  14. Front Line Assembly (now with Real Leeb!) at WGT – June 2014
  15. Saltatio Mortis at WGT – June 2008
  16. The Human League at WGT – May 2005
  17. Project Pitchfork at Islington Academy – October 2009
  18. Kraftwerk at The Tate Modern – February 2012
  19. Revolting Cocks at WGT – June 2017
  20. mind.in.a.box at Infest – August 2010

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Top 10 Bands Everyone Think I Should Like, But I Don’t

Top xx List January 21st, 2010

My tastes may stretch across most of the scene, but there’s still a lot of things I don’t like.  Of course, some people automatically expect me to like ‘Band Y’ because I like ‘Band X’ and no amount of explanation as to why that’s the case is going to make me like them.  So as something of a pre-emptive strike on requests for particular bands I know I’m going to get, here’s 10 band that probably won’t be featuring much any time soon.

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