Site Policies

November 25th, 2011

Privacy Policy

E-mail addresses are required from all those wishing to comment – however these will NOT be published on the site. Neither will they be added to a mailing list, sold for cash or favours, left on a memory stick on board a train or otherwise passed onto any 3rd party (unless absolutely forced to by UK Law Enforcement bodies – I do not anticipate this will occur). They’ll only be used to acknowledge comments and possibly discuss issues raised in a private manner.

Comment Policy

All visitors may leave comments in any post which offers the opportunity to do so. Some basic rules apply:

  • Comments must be related to the content of the post in question
  • Comments must be in English language, intelligible and meet basic standards of decency
  • Comments must not include ANY personally sensitive information – yours, mine or anyone elses nor make any attempt to undermine or otherwise compromise the security of the site.
  • Comments must not contain any content that could be regarded as illegal or libellous under UK Law.
  • You are welcome to criticise the writing, but such criticism should be objectively justified. Simply saying ‘that’s a load of crap’ isn’t sufficient.
  • We reserve the right to delete any comment which breaches these guidelines.