DJ Setlists

November 22nd, 2011

These are all the DJ setlists I’ve undertaken that I think are representative of what I play – I hope you can see I’ve gone from ‘popular to predicatable’ to a diverse range of scene friendly bands.  There’s favourites that crop up more often than other songs, but I never count out any song or band I think’s worthy of play at some point.

If you’re interested in utilising my DJing services, I’m open to offers so please Contact Me and we can see if we can arrange something.

If you want to hear my DJing, but can’t attend one of my events, you can listen to one of my setlists  on the DJ Mixes page, or head straight over to Mixcloud.

And that isn’t all!  Here are a few other set’s I’ve undertaken that don’t really justify a page of their own.

  • Unofficial Sets – Sets that were pre-recorded or formed part of practice/test sessions
  • EOL-Era Setlists – Sets I undertook under the name ‘Jonny EOL’, 2000-2002.

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